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#CameraReadyInteriors | Photographer Spotlight

#CameraReadyInteriors | Photographer Spotlight

Photo by Lesley Unruh. 

Photo by Lesley Unruh

Hi guys!  I'm taking a quick break from shopkeeping to participate in a group-blogging event called #CameraReadyInteriors, hosted by my good friend, Jana Bek.  I’m delighted to be blogging alongside 23 fellow interior designers to celebrate the many talented photographers who bring our designs to life.  Whether you're on the hunt for a great photographer to work with, or are simply looking for some design inspiration, today's group posts are a great place to start. (They're all linked up below;) 

Many of you are already familiar with the brilliant work of my two photographer sidekicks, Patrick Cline of Lonny and Brittany Ambridge of Domino, so today I'm excited to introduce you to a few more!  As an editor for the past decade, I've been on set with many photographers and quickly noticed that there's a big difference between a great photographer, and a great interiors photographer.  From composition to proper lighting, angles, scale and accurate straightening in post-production, making a beautiful home translate on film is a tricky business!  Here's a few people who make it look effortless. 

Lesley Unruh

I had the pleasure of meeting Lesley fresh out of college when I was an editorial assistant at the original Domino.  She and I have since joined forces to shoot for my consulting clients as well as for my home feature on One Kings Lane.  In addition to her eye for composition, I love her use of light, color saturation, portraiture and high quality post-production work that ensures each photo has straight lines and proper proportions.  Lesley lives in Brooklyn and is happy to travel for shoots!  She's a joy to work with, so it's no wonder that her clients range from Martha Stewart Living to Le Creuset. Here's some of my faves from her portfolio.  

Bea da Costa

I met Bea when House Beautiful flew her to Michigan to shoot my home last year! We had a ball working together and have since collaborated to shoot for a consulting client.  Bea is a kind soul and world traveler who is always searching for a more creative way to capture the moment.  Her work is reminiscent of the great World of Interiors and has a loose European vibe.  She lives in New York and will happily travel to shoot.  Here's a few of my favorite shots from her portfolio. 

Marta Xochilt Perez

I was lucky enough to meet Marta this year when she assisted for Lesley on the One Kings Lane shoot at my home!  Marta lives in Detroit so I was thrilled to meet a talented local photographer.  We have since partnered to shoot for consulting clients as well as for my upcoming shop!  She began her career photographing events, musicians and products, and has recently made the shift to interiors.  Marta often travels for shoots, and is kind and easy to work with.  Here are some of my favorite shots that we took together! 

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