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Over the past few weeks I've received several inquiries about where to find the items featured in my home, so I thought it would be fun to create a shopping guide with exact sources!  You can also check out a cool 'before and after' slide show here to get a better sense for the home's transformation.  

I chose a dark grey paint for the exterior of my home, as it helped disguise the oversize pediment (which had looked like a big nose on my house before it was painted dark).  I then added timeless accessories and simple greenery as a nod to my inspiration


Next, I designed my living room as a shout-out to my favorite hotel, the J.K. Capri, designed by my all-time favorite architect, Michele Bonan. A white sofa and wingback chairs from Serena & Lily paired with a marble mantel, mid century lighting and pops of indigo and pink channel the hotel's look, and Bonan's classic pairings.   

On the opposite side of my living room, I knocked out the windows to add a pair of French doors that open onto my new bluestone patio.  I work from home, so I love keeping the door open in the summer and getting fresh air inside.  I also added built-in bookshelves to hold all my design books and treasures, and had my contractor build a simple framed mirror above my mantel and next to the doors to keep the room feeling light and airy.  

My living room

The office was super fun to renovate, as we found hidden gems beneath each tacky layer that we removed!  The drop-ceilings torn down revealed a gorgeous bead board ceiling that was original to the house!  The neon green drywall ripped out unearthed this cool wooden wall below.  Lastly, we replaced the vinyl flooring with wood to match the rest of my home and make the space feel cohesive.  


The breakfast nook was inspired by my favorite Karyn Lyons painting, as well as classic textiles from Tensira.  Beneath the tablecloth is an affordable Ikea table that I've had for years (it used to be my desk in my old Lonny office!) 


The kitchen was an incredible transformation!  Before, it was dark brown and gloomy, with vinyl flooring, outdated appliances, bulky cabinets and a sink that strangely wasn't centered with the window. (Which drove this OCD lady insane!) So my contractor and I went to town ripping out the old cabinets and ugly countertops, tiling the walls and adding custom shelving with tiny LED lights underneath that light up my counter at night.  I'm a big fan of open shelving as it forces me to edit what I own and to not buy unnecessary things. (Ahem, buh-bye old plastic cups!)

My dining room was a lot of fun to design, as I wanted it to feel age appropriate (no need to get all fancy pants!) but also sophisticated, as it's immediately visible when you enter my home.  I found the antique trestle table at a local store and juxtaposed it with metal chairs, cabinet and lighting.  (Sources below;)  To add some variety, I also upholstered a set of antique empire style chairs that I found at Round Top market with indigo fabric that I bought on the street in Guatemala!  To ground it all, I added a rug that is surprisingly durable (I don't ask my guests to remove their shoes, so this rug has seen a lot of traffic and is still looking fresh) and affordable should I need to eventually replace it.  


Moving from New York where I had tiny closets for the past decade, I couldn't wait to pimp out my space and properly take care of my clothing.  So I called the experts at California Closets and was surprised by how easy and fun the design process ended up being!  They came over to measure (thank you, because I SO did not want to do that...) and sat down with me and an iPad that had tons of closet inspiration pics.  All I had to do was click "like" on the closets that appealed to me, and discuss my storage needs (i.e. yes, I have a zillion coats and shoes but not many dresses) and by the end of our meeting I had a fully designed closet!  Their install crew took care of everything, which even impressed my contractor (and trust me, he's a perfectionist).  Now I literally smile every time I open my closet doors.  :) 


And finally, my guest room!  I wanted this room to feel hip but also relaxing for my guests, so I decided to use Ralph Lauren interiors as my inspiration: timeless rich textiles, crisp white bedding and black and white photography.  Sometimes I sleep in here just for fun. :) 


Thank you House Beautiful for this incredible feature!  All photos by Beatriz da Costa, all styling by Olga Naiman and all interior design by me :)))

The Maryn Finds | French Burgundy

The Maryn Finds | French Burgundy